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         I have developed and made a curriculum, so you know exactly what I will be speaking about. If you have questions, please feel free to email me at katiemccoynyc@gmail.com


1. Seasons to Come: This topic is about the seasons of life that happen while in and out of college and I share some of my higher and lower moments in college. I use the book of Esther in this topic.

       -Why is this important?

          College comes with a lot of change and difficulties. This topic was developed to help prepare college students, especially first-year students, of the changes that will happen during their four years. It gives them applications, tools, and encourages them that no matter what the season God will be there for them.


2.  Making the Most of Your Time: This topic is for freshmen and sophomores students. I was involved in a lot of different clubs and organizations at my college. I give examples of what being involved in my college did for me. I will encourage and equip students with the resources they need to get involved in their campus.  

    -Why is this important?

        Not all students realize the connections and friendships that come from becoming involved. Having someone who is outside of their institution can help reinforce the opportunities their college has for them.


3. God’s Will: This topic is for all college students. It gives them my own story of discerning God’s will and path for my life. While than giving and equipping them with tools to make decisions of their future for themselves.

   -Why is this important?

        I remember struggling a lot during college of how to determine God’s will for my life. It was something I struggled with when picking a college! After a lot of time and research, I have made this topic to equip and empower upperclassmen while they are starting to make decisions about graduate programs and jobs.


4. Living it Up in the City: This topic is for upperclassmen. It is my personal stories of what life is like as a Christian in a city (the big city: NYC). I talk a lot of the challenges and blessings that come with living in metropolitan life. Giving them tools of working with different diverse groups of people and how to share the gospel in the workplace.

       -Why is this important?

         I wasn’t prepared for some of the experiences I have had in NYC. This topic gives students an essential idea of what to expect if they move to a big city. It gives them tools of how to share the gospel in the workplace and not compromise standards.


5. Identity Crisis: This topic is for all college students. It deals with singleness, crushing on someone, and dating while maintaining their identity in Christ. This topic is something I have done countless hours of research on for my own walk. I am passionate about communicating with people about relationship boundaries, expectations, and working on themselves. 

      -Why is this important?

         Dating and singles talks are sometimes not always the most encouraging or explicit. I have sat in many. This talk, however, is not the regular singles and dating talk. It deals with Identity and where most Christians prioritize Jesus compared to someone they have a crush on. I give my journey and stories while referencing some great resources. This talk is more than talking about physical boundaries but emotional boundaries too. I also speak on how living a single life is not a punishment but just as much of a blessing as marriage.