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He Meets You at the Median

February 26, 2019



So the “new” year for me so far has been somewhat rough. I started the year doubtful and hopeless of where God had taken me so far. I recently have had a rough few months at my job. New Year's day I was at the beach with my friend, and I just felt stuck and drowned in my hopelessness. I kept thinking,  “How can God have something better for me than this? And how is God going to make that happen?” I couldn’t think of any logical way to get out of the job position that I was in and thought finding a job I would be content with would be impossible. 


I had this trip to Paris that I had planned for my 23rd birthday. I went with two of my friends from college. I was banking on this trip to be the getaway that my soul needed. I was in an unhealthy relationship with my job. I consistently took work home with me and spent hours obsessing over it. 


To be honest vacations can be weird for me spiritually because most of the time unless I’m on a mission trip I don’t always focus on Jesus during my vacation. I don’t usually read my bible, and I don’t usually set aside time for prayer. Paris I found had a spiritual presence in both famous cathedrals and on the street with signs saying, Jesus Sauve. 


However, the third day in Paris something pretty cool happened. We went to an area of Paris called Montmartre. After visiting a church that is on top of this hill, we started to explore. Our goal was to walk to where some movies had been filmed in that area and take pictures. You may have heard of one of them; it was the Moulin Rouge. The Moulin Rouge was in a busy intersection and in the middle of the intersection is a large median that people can stand on and take pictures of the surrounding buildings.


So we walk to this area and while we are standing there my friends and I hear a group of people singing Hillsong and other modern Christian music in English. We start singing with them and just enjoying the music and atmoshpere in the busy intersection. One of the singers then came up to us and asked us to join them. At first, we said no, but he eventually convinced us to join in. 


Now this band had two guitar players, a guy on drums, and two singers with mics and amps. I was petrified as he handed me the mic to sing in front of a busy intersection with a lot of people.  I also thought though, that at least I don’t live here and these people will never see me again. Joining them ended up being so fun, and when we were done singing one of them actually asked us to speak. My friends and I looked at each other, and I grabbed the mic and introduced us. I got to speak and pray over that area. It was a weird experience because of how fast it all went down and because it came up in the most unexpected form. 


We went there to take some pictures, and by chance heard these people singing, and were asked to join in. I got to thinking that it is incredible that even when you aren’t seeking Jesus, He still finds you. He meets us where we are at in life. I wasn’t looking for Jesus in Paris, but He found me when I needed Him most. I think that it’s a testament to His loving and merciful nature. That even when we are just on vacation and site seeing that we can have a moment with people from different backgrounds and worship Jesus together. 


The next day it was my first day alone in the city, and I took myself to Hillsong Paris. I ended up having another unexpected encounter with the Holy Spirit. This seems like an obvious statement but it was something I had never thought of before, so I thought I would share. Hillsong Paris was a great experience, and it was cool that the transitional music and worship music is the same as Hillsong NYC. Worship was in French, and there were English and French words on the screens. It was cool to hear the songs in French but for me to still be able to worship in English. It made me realize that the Holy Spirit and Jesus’ love transcend above all language barriers. That no matter what language the music is sung in, if it praises, the Holy Spirit is still present. That just hit me hard as I was worshipping that Sunday. It made me realize that I was connected to a room full of people in a way that was special. That even if I couldn’t communicate with them in their language, I could praise the same, Jesus.  


To sum it all up, what I have been experiencing with Jesus recently is that He will meet you where you are. No matter if you’re getting to know him, or have known Him your whole life or don’t know how to relate to Him. That if you doubt Him in a season of your life, I believe that He is still there with you in the thick of it. So if you aren’t sure what corner you need to walk to, take a step, and He will meet you there.


I hope this encourages someone who maybe is also experiencing a difficult time. I believe that faith and trust are being developed in me through this situation and I feel the same is happening for you. 


If you have questions feel free to message me or if I can be praying for you, please send me a message! 



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