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The Celebrity Savior Complex

September 23, 2018



Jesus: A cool guy right? I’ve known about Jesus for a long time. Meaning, I remember hearing about him when I was in first grade. Going to a Christian school you can’t help but hear about Jesus. I mean Jesus is part of the foundation of the school. Now, I personally loved my school. I had the most amazing teachers, standout friends, and great opportunities. I was lucky in the sense that everywhere around me people loved Jesus. We started every class with prayer. I had bible class every year. Even classes not centered around Jesus would find opportunities to relate it back to Him. However, I don’t think I understood what it meant to be a Christian until I went to college.


I went to a liberal arts college in New York City. In some ways it was the complete opposite from my high school. Living away from home and not being surrounded by Christians actually helped me understand my relationship with Jesus in a different way. I could actually choose whether or not to go to church. I could choose whether or not I went to Marymount Christian Fellowship. It became a choice and not something that was required of me to do.


In college, I also started to know Jesus in a deeper way. I didn’t just know a lot of things about Him. We had learned so much about His life and character growing up that it was like knowing a celebrity. I knew so much about Him but it kept Him at a distance. Do you think of Jesus just as a nice guy? Maybe see Him more as a fictional character? That Jesus was a talented prophet but not a savior?


I think it’s easy to keep Jesus at a distance. You know things about Him or maybe you don’t. Maybe you go to church or maybe you don’t. Either way keeping Jesus at a distance is a convenient choice. You can go to church, but not choose to love people. You can give money every week, but ignore the people in your life that need you. I tell people all the time that there is a difference between being apart of the religion of Jesus and having a relationship with Him. And that is a fine line.


Think of it this way: You can know every fact about the life of a person but not have a relationship with them. You can know about every little detail about Chris Pratt but never know him. The same thing can happen with Jesus.


“Katie, I don’t think I want to know Jesus.”


Ok, that is your choice. You can make it for yourself. But if you are reading this and have any curiosity to who Jesus is and what it means to have a relationship with Him, then reach out. Don’t settle on missing out or letting your fears keep you away.


“Katie, I know about the facts but I want the relationship with Jesus. How do I do that?”


Great question! First off, do you spend time with Him? Is it more than a chore? Do you change up your devotional time? How are you challenging yourself to take what you learn in devotionals/church and use it in your everyday life?


Second, are you part of a community where you know three people's life stories? If not, are you really apart of that community? Do you serve your community or do you stay for the free food?  


If you want to know Jesus more than as a guy at a distance challenge yourself to dig deeper into the Bible, find a church that you WANT to be a part of, and serve your community (in whatever way that means to you).


Things to Remember and Do for this week:

  1. You are Loved

  2. You are Enough

  3. Don’t Settle

  4. Push Yourself Out of Your Comfort Zone.






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