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It Looks Good From a Distance

September 16, 2018


I never realized how much I liked Target until I couldn’t go there regularly. When I moved to New York, I realized going to Target took a days trip because the only locations were in East Harlem and Brooklyn. Since then, Target has opened smaller stores throughout Manhattan (woohoo). I now live less than a ten-minute walk from Target.


I recently went there so excited to find wall decorations for my new apartment and to get some groceries. I had been passing this new target for a few days and set aside time to make a trip.


I know, I know its a Target. Why am I getting so excited? Maybe because it reminds me of home?


Anyways, when I was at Target, I was looking for some fruit. I picked up a clementine that seemed perfect. It had a great color, no bruises, and a great size. As I picked it up and investigated more, I realized it was moldy.


I was so confused because from a distance the orange looked perfect. Like it was ready to be eaten. However, up close, it was like the others in the fruit pile.


How often do we make comparisons like that of people in our life? Even strangers? We assume that their life is perfect, but they are going through heartbreak, grief, body issues, anger, and so much more.


Social media perpetuates the need to come across as having the perfect lifestyle.

Have you ever felt this kind of gaze? That your life is “perfect” or that you have yourself altogether when you are struggling with something inside?


I want to challenge you to be honest with yourself. If you can’t be honest with yourself who can you be honest with?


Next, I want to challenge you not to cast judgments of perfection on people. Saying things like, “You can’t understand because your life is all together.” Most people barely have one part of their life going well so stop putting a reflection of your judgments and insecurities on others.


What if instead of judgment, we get to know our friends in a more profound way? Why don’t we ask the difficult questions, and go beyond the surface level?


If you are yearning for something that looks good from a distance, stop. That relationship or that job or object seems so good from a distance. However, the reality is that it took work to get there and that with every “perfect thing” comes challenges.


For example, I think relationships are the easiest thing to see from a distance and think, ”Wow that is exactly what I want!” Not only are some relationships unhealthy, but a lot of great relationships also took time to develop, and I bet it’s not only lollipops and rainbows.


This post isn’t just about relationships though. It’s anything that you yearn for. Focusing on what others have all the time can make us down on ourselves, judgmental of others, and closed off too potentially those in need.


Thank goodness we aren’t called to have the most instagrammable life! Thank goodness we are not called to perfection. No, we are called to LOVE! Love God and Love Others! This week take a break from the gram and look at those around you. What are you missing because you are so obsessed with perfection? Be present with people in your life, and find out what it means to have genuine friendships.


Things to remember:


1. No one’s Life is perfect.

2. Be open and receptive to the people around you.

3.Don’t take life too seriously.

4.You are LOVED!


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