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I Want the Real Thing

August 18, 2018


I go to a dinner party group, which is basically like a church small group. We meet up every Wednesday for a potluck dinner. Eventually, after dinner, we talk about the sermon from Sunday or sometimes talk about topics that can be controversial in the Christian faith like dating, sexuality, and so on. It’s probably one of my favorite days of the week. This week our dinner theme was pizza. Now, I love pizza. I get that from my mother. We don’t settle for anything less than the best when it comes to pizza. For us, the best pizza is a Sicilian corner slice with basil and sauce.

One of my friends in the group is a vegan, and he mentioned that he was going to bring Vegan Pizza. This pizza looked amazing. You would have no idea it was vegan, and it tasted pretty much like regular pizza, but after one slice I went back for a slice of the real thing. There is just something about real cheese that gets me everytime.

Have you ever had the moment in life? That moment where you realize later on you were settling for a substitute? Maybe you spent years never knowing that the real version was out there. I am here to tell you that you deserve the real cheese.  


You might be asking yourself, “What in the world is this girl talking about?” Stay with me, this is about to get super cheesy. See what I did there. Ok, ok, so to continue my point about the “you deserve the real cheese,” I’m talking Jesus.

Nothing in this life will meet the real need of Jesus in your life. Don’t settle for a false religion, instead be expectant of relation. Jesus is not about going to church every Sunday. Jesus is not about hate or money. He is the real deal. He is love. If you feel that you have something unsatisfied with your life, Jesus can fill that hole.

First off, if you are reading this and don’t know Jesus and think I’m crazy, I'm going to challenge you. Download the Bible app (it's free) and start reading the book of John. Observe who Jesus Is. Ask your Christian friends some questions. Don’t challenge them, but instead learn why they believe what they believe.

Second, if you are reading this and go to church every Sunday but don’t feel like you have a relationship with Jesus, then you have some work to do. Jesus loves you anyways, don’t get me wrong. However, you need to invest in your relationship with Him. Get involved in a small group and find a friend to hold you accountable.


Fake Cheese will only get you so far.
Jesus loves you and has a plan for your life.
You are doing better than you think you are.
Relationships take work. Work for better sustaining communication, and loving relationships.

Please share if you enjoy! Email me with questions at katiemccoynyc@gmail.com 

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